Home or community spaces, all SKL projects are guided by the philosophy that buildings should give back more than they take: to the communities and clients that depend on them, and the environment that sustains them.
Cultural buildings—libraries, museums, marketplaces—are important neighborhood centers that must be inviting, equitable, and sustainable. With these goals in mind, SKL has worked with communities to design inclusive and functional spaces where all feel welcome.
Collaborating with educational communities, we create healthy and inclusive buildings that contribute to a positive learning environment for the modern student. Our process – from planning to the first day of school – is community-based, cost effective, and environmentally progressive.
We love to take old buildings and – with creativity and imagination – adapt them to new uses. Often the best part of adaptive re-use is finding the “serendipity moments,” spaces unique to a time period or a building type, that can be transformed into centerpieces of the new building.
We work closely with our clients to create home spaces that are beautiful, functional, and timeless.  Crafted and designed in the tradition of Pacific Northwest Modernism, our custom home designs are simple, intuitive, and span a wide range of costs.
With a passion for environmentally-responsible design, Gladys Ly-Au Young took a mid-career year off to pursue a Master of Science in Sustainable Design. SKL benefits from her specialization; as an underpinning of our design philosophy, sustainability is integrated into all our projects, and the results benefit their communities – whether as an off-the-grid retreat in the Oregon wilderness, one of the most energy-efficient schools in the state of Washington, or a Living Building Challenge affordable housing pilot.
Led by Rick Sundberg, SKL conducts an in-house pro bono program with the mission of providing architectural design services to under-served communities to achieve a positive and lasting social, environmental, and economic impact. Through this program, we work on several projects each year, collaborating with local community leaders, builders, and sustainability experts as an integral part of the design process, and creating functional, resilient, and beautiful structures.
Under John Kennedy’s guidance, SKL actively engages with clients to plan for the long term and to successfully navigate Master Use and HOA approval processes.  We use geographical, topographical, environmental, and historical conditions to let the site guide us, always trying to reduce automobile impacts.