Hope Village

The Mwangaza Jitegmee Foundation Orphanage, under construction near the city of Songea in southern Tanzania, will be home to 160 orphans—most of whom lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. A safe, family-oriented compound will contain duplex structures, each housing a “family unit” of 10 children and a house mother. Sheltered courtyards and a central clearing provide space for outdoor activity. Each house will have running water, a kitchen garden, limited solar power, a rocket stove and dual pit latrine. Located outside the compound, a community building, health clinic for visiting doctors, offices, and public water spigot can be shared with nearby villagers.  The construction is being undertaken by a local contractor and strives for self-sufficiency, sustainability and the use of local resources and construction methods.  Our intention in addition to the creation of safe, dignified buildings is to incrementally raise the level of craft in the area.

Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects is committed to providing design services to underrepresented populations, free of charge. For this project, we lead a volunteer design team comprised of Seattle-area architects, and work with the Mwangaza Jitegmee Foundation and the Songea Women and Children Care Organization (SWAACO)

Location   Songea, Tanzania
Status   Ongoing
Team   Architects: Sundberg Architectural Initiative: William Franklin, Misun Chung Gerrick, Myra Lara, Nicole Tsen Lew, Gladys Ly-Au Young, Hill Pierce, Noreen Shinohara, Mika Sundberg, Rick Sundberg, Ming Yuan Structural ● Engineer: Marjorie Lund (Lund Opsahl), Roi Chang ● Engineers: Nathan Galer, Russ Prior, Mark Reeves
Size   (8) 3,000 sf duplexes and assorted school and community buildings