Exeter College: Walton Street Competition

In July of 2011, Rick Sundberg, along with 4 other firms including Allison Brooks Architects, Eric Parry Architects, Wright and Wright Architects and Haworth Tompkins Architects, were invited by Exeter College to participate in a design competition to form the college’s “Third Quadrangle” in the center of Oxford. The competition centered around transforming the recently purchased Ruskin College into student dormitories, learning spaces, faculty offices, a grand reading room, a cafe and an auditorium. The design intent was to create spaces that intertwined community and sustainability.

Location   Oxford, England
Status   Conceptual / Competition Entry
Team   John Kennedy, Gladys Ly-Au Young, Rick Sundberg, Nicole Lew, Lauren Strang, Mika Sundberg
Size   30,000 SF