Bloedel Reserve Environmental Horticulture Center

Modern facilities for work, research, and training

As the "heart and soul" of an internationally renowned garden, a renovated and expanded Environmental Horticulture Center is key to Bloedel Reserve's continued success.

Bloedel Reserve encompasses 150 acres of forests, gardens, and landscapes that inspire and nourish, enriching people’s lives by providing refreshment and tranquility in the presence of natural beauty. To ensure the sustainable preservation of this precious place for generations to come, the Environmental Horticulture Center and its dedicated staff are tasked with maintenance, preservation, and teaching that is central to the Reserve’s mission.

Key elements of the Environmental Horticulture Center include a new main building with offices for Horticulture, Facilities and Pathology teams, staff lounge and locker rooms, and a daylit classroom for horticultural education. A new shade house and greenhouse for growing and propagating plant material, and remodeling of an existing maintenance building will complete the modernization.

Location   Bainbridge Island, Washington
Status   In Progress
Team   John Kennedy (Principal in Charge), Rick Sundberg (Design Lead), Amy Chang (Project Manager)