Centennial Trail Interpretive Signage

Passing down stories to passersby

Connecting the public to the history of their community by combining education and recreation in a 29 mile railroad-turned-bike trail.

Pastforward is conceived as a multi-media, multi-tool interpretive exhibit that was done in collaboration with Site Story and Luminous Creative for Snohomish County. SKL designed the brand identity, iconography, interpretive signage and exhibits at seven trailhead sites within Snohomish Country to promote heritage tourism. Each sign features a graphic of the trailhead map route, along with site-specific content for each trailhead, as well as QR code technology that links to an interactive website with oral histories and video.

The design process was highly collaborative, with agency review throughout. We kicked off the project with a stakeholder charrette that included walking and making observations on the trail. Community participation was welcomed. The design team interviewed many community members, and a web portal was created so the public could submit their memories, photos, comments and ideas.

SKL also designed a map to work in conjunction with the trailhead signage. The map offers an overview of Centennial trail, visitor information for sites on or nearby the trail, and safety tips for pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians. A QR code links to additional historical content and local attractions on the trail’s website.

Surplus road signs are reused as the backing for the printed materials.


Location   Snohomish County, Washington
Status   Completed 2014
Team   Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects, Site Story, Luminous Creative
Press + Recognition   

Events Celebrate Progress on Centennial Trail (2/15/2014)