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SKL Affordable Housing Design Approved

SKL presented the Othello Square Affordable Homeownership Building for EDG approval Tuesday evening -"Very easy to review because the design options are grounded in human need. . ." Designed with the community in mind, the building will offer homes for families making 80% or less...

Sketch of the Week – 6/1/18

Facade study by Gladys Ly-Au Young for the Othello Square Affordable Homeownership Building, a limited equity co-op adjacent to the Othello light rail station....

A New Concept in Affordable Housing for Seattle

Gladys Ly-Au Young, Principal at SKL, discusses plans for a Limited Equity Co-Op at Othello Square with interested community members.  Similar to a condo, Limited Equity Co-Ops allow people to purchase housing (in the form of shares) at an affordable price.  In return for the...