Whatcom Community College Heiner Center

This multipurpose building is home to the Whatcom Community College library, as well as a performance hall, music rooms, classrooms, student computer lab and student learning center. Much like the Syre Student Center, the Heiner Center successfully meets the needs of all of these programs under one roof while also making use of circulation elements to encourage informal interactions and learning. Large windows link interior to exterior, enabling sunshine to enter and occupants to gaze out upon nearby lawns, buildings, people, sky, and even mountains. The Heiner Building sits closely to Baker Hall on the Southeast side of the campus quad; together the two buildings define that side of the open space. Tall vertical elements help the building to rise prominently from its site and simultaneously sit lightly upon the land: a friendly monument to campus events and performances.
Location   Bellingham, Washington
Status   Completed 1996
Size   44,000 sf