Othello Square

Affordable home ownership units, grounded in community

Providing stable and affordable housing in 68 low-income limited equity co-op home ownership units.

Guided by our core principles of architectural beauty and sustainability, at the heart of SKL’s affordable housing design is the community. In Othello Square Building D shared community spaces abound: on the ground floor, on exterior stairway patio landings, in garden spaces and building trellises growing foods, and with a central outdoor courtyard promoting a shared public outdoor room with single family residences across an alley.

Inclusion of street level spaces designed for small local businesses evolved from community input and coordinated with the entire Othello Square complex, which will also include maker spaces, a multicultural community center, a community gathering hall, a charter high school, multi-lingual early childhood education center, and a community healthcare clinic, in addition to low-income housing.

Developed by HomeSight, the Othello Square project – four buildings on a multi-block 3.2-acre campus – is envisioned as a place where the diverse residents of southeast Seattle can find homes, educational and business development opportunities, health care, social services support, and a variety of small enterprises at which to shop, eat and play. Building D will provide stable and affordable housing in 68 low-income, limited equity co-op home ownership units.

Location   Seattle, Washington