Madrona Remodel

Minimalism in Madrona

A remodel emphasizing vertical spaciousness and light in a 1904 home

As a transplant from the East Coast and a sunnier climate, the client’s primary design goal was to introduce more natural light into the house; a common request for both natives and newcomers to gloomy Seattle alike. The client also wanted to retain the traditional exterior while creating a modern, light filled interior with an open floor plan. Finding new ways for light to enter and spread throughout the space became the driving factor for almost all other interior design decisions including how to modernize the kitchen and master suite, the materials chosen and the location of the few windows we could introduce. The main focus of the remodel was the main level open kitchen-living space and the master suite, with the challenge of welcoming more light without giving up privacy. We eliminated many interior walls to create an open floor plan, added skylights and expanded existing window openings. The interior aesthetic is very minimal, making light and its movement across surfaces the main material. Additionally, a new entry sequence was added. Once a steep thirty foot climb, the existing precarious walkway and unusable garage was replaced with a driveway and deck which eliminated half the climb from sidewalk to front door. The deck slides across the front of the house with a small gathering place at the Northeast corner of the property, focusing guests towards the prime vie of Lake Washington. The client worked with a landscape architect to accentuate the views from inside, create a garden that has color and interest throughout the year, while not being too dense as to inhibit light and create a walkway along the new rock wall where she could easily walk her bike. She has slowly been furnishing and decorating her home with the help of local artists and artisans.
Location   Seattle, Washington
Status   Completed 2012
Team   Rick Sundberg, Mika Sundberg
Size   1,800 SF
Press + Recognition   Seattle Magazine, November 2014 "A Light and Bright Remodel in Madrona"