Handmade House

The Handmade House is a new residence in the Boulevard Oaks neighborhood of Houston, Texas that fully embraces its connection with nature. The entry sequence was carefully composed to connect visitors to the outdoors from the moment they enter the house. With an immediate view to the outdoors, the dramatic 70-foot long entryway leads visitors to the social spaces of the home. The ground-floor social spaces then wrap around generous patio space to face a 50-foot wall of giant timber bamboo, and the roof plane of the garage becomes an elevated pergola to create an additional connection. Commissioned by Houston developer and Seattle native, Carol Isaak Barden, this home embodies its name: skilled artisans and craftspeople, including metal workers, master carpenters and stone masons, contributed to the many details of the house.
Location   Houston, TX
Status   Completed 2010
Team   Rick Sundberg | Principal-in-Charge and Lead Designer while at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen
Press + Recognition   Rudick, Tyler. “Fighting Houston’s heat in home design: Award-winning architect urges a backward focus.” Houston Culture Map, July 2, 2012