Our mantra is “the best idea wins” and we depend on our clients and the community of stakeholders associated with each project to give us their ideas and opinions in an ongoing dialogue during the design process. Our design method is a collaborative, iterative process where we incorporate feedback at every level, so that the end scheme is one that reflects the needs and wants of every user.


We create strong designs by pairing a context-sensitive approach with meticulous attention to physical detail and a broad architectural vision. Through previous experience and intensive new research, we seek to understand each project’s unique elements – of client, program, site, community, and region. We then use light, material, space, and details to create subtle layers of experience that consciously and subconsciously guide, educate, and effect emotional responses, enabling the user to easily and intuitively “read” the building and its programmatic functions.

We apply rigor to our process, relentlessly testing design ideas until the perfect solution emerges—one that weaves all elements into an elegantly minimal, highly functional, environmentally responsible and harmonious whole.

Experience has shown us that buildings enriched by such a design approach are naturally enriching in return: client goals and programmatic needs are more successfully realized; user needs are more effectively met; buildings blend more comfortably into their surroundings; existing communities are revitalized while new ones are created; our region’s unique character is sustainably accommodated.


We are skilled at creating presentation drawings of all types that both describe the project and energize stakeholders. Our drawings range from simple hand drawings to a mixture of hand and computer drawings, as well as realistic renderings. Sometimes we present both drawings and physical models in order to convey design intent. These tools help everyone understand the look, feel, and spirit of a proposed design.