11th and Pike, Capitol Hill, Seattle




A collaboration between Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects  and Graham Baba Architects


20,300 sf


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Retail “Mews”, Inter-block Courtyard, Offices, Coworking/Event Space, Penthouse Residences

The 11th and Pike mixed-use project (now Chophouse Row) is the result of a highly orchestrated relationship between past, present and future. This project is the final phase of a larger master plan that the developer envisioned for the collection of contiguous properties purchased in 1999 within the block bounded by 12th Avenue, East Pike Street, 11th Avenue and East Union Streets in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The vision for the properties is to create a connected public pedestrian corridor between 11th and 12th Avenues through the center of the block, where there was none before. The centerpiece of “the Mews” is an enlarged 12,000 SF courtyard. The first pieces of this public space were completed in 2006, with the renovation of the Piston&Ring Building and development of the Agnes Lofts. 11th and Pike is the final piece of a development that supports incremental urbanism rather than a large-scale monoculture.

A unique characteristic of the overall site is the drop in elevation of 11 feet between these streets, providing the opportunity to give daylight and fresh air to the lower levels of the 12th Avenue buildings, and forms the Mews through to 11th Avenue. The Mews is primarily open-air and lined with retail and restaurant uses, including “backdoor” connections to existing businesses. It is intended to feel like a classic pedestrian alley, a respite from the busy streets of the surrounding neighborhood.  Greenery, signature trees, outdoor seating and a catwalk connection will ring the space, tying together old and new architecture.

A key objective of the project is to create a truly “mixed-use” project, integrating a diverse, mutually supportive combination of urban uses that includes apartments, creative office and co-working facilities, local retail as well as restaurants into one contiguous public realm: a “village within a village” used throughout all times of day and evening. 11th and Pike adds 35,000 SF of above-ground space to this “village within a village” through new construction next to and on top of an existing structure, fondly referred to as the “Chophouse.” The Chophouse, used for the last three decades as band prac­tice space, will be opened-up and renovated to allow for the through-block connection, completing the link from 12th to 11th Avenue. A portion of the Chophouse’s structural frame will be cut away, its erosion creating the focal point and framework for the Mews.

Chophouse Row