Adaptive Reuse

Sundberg Kennedy Ly Au Young has extensive experience remodeling, upgrading, or re-purposing a building to a new use. We believe in the intrinsic value these buildings offer their communities and work hard to incorporate new program into them.

We have extensive experience updating existing buildings and are aware of the challenges and trade- offs associated with working in and around existing construction. From the Wing Luke (1918), to the UW Law School (2000), we’ve opened up a lot of ceilings, peered into many crawl spaces and worked with dozens of consulting engineers on a variety of building and construction types to help our clients make good decisions about what to replace and what to retain. Renovating an existing building is much more challenging than building new, but we believe it is much more rewarding, and it makes good economic sense.

Often the best part of working with older buildings is finding the “serendipity moments,” spaces that are unique to a time period or a building type and that would be value engineered out of the building if it was being built in the current climate. With creativity and imagination these spaces become center pieces to the new building. We look forward to discovering them with you.