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The chickens looked me in the eye

Gladys Ly-Au Young
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We were at the Madrona School Lowery Farm on Wednesday. It’s a beautiful afternoon after some heavy rain and storm earlier this week. The site is wooded on the north, east and south with good sun exposure. As we were walking around, we saw some chickens the school is raising on the highest ground. Some […]

Westside School Ribbon Cutting

Mika Sundberg
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We braved the wind and the rain to attend the Westside School Ribbon cutting ceremony. It looks like the building is a hit with students, faculty and staff. Have a great year in your new home Westside Wolves!

Westside School – little details

Myra Lara
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Little details for little humans. Remember those Glulam arches we salvaged? Here they are as benches for the kiddos to wait for their parents! A warm and comfortable reading nook under the stairs. I’m sure this will go well with them… An undulating wall separating the lobby from the school wing without sacrificing daylight and […]

Chophouse Row complete! – Westside School on it’s way!

Chophouse Row appeared on today’s Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, “Chophouse Row opens with retail, office and 3 penthouses.” Liz Dunn, president of Dunn & Hobbes, developer of Seattle favorites such as Melrose Market, says “This project was the most challenging we’ve ever tackled on a number of fronts: the creation of new public space; […]