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Good journey to Gladys and Kaiea!

Myra Lara
Categories: Songea, Sundberg Architectural Initiative

Principal Gladys Ly-Au Young and her son, Kaiea, are on their way to Tanzania for construction of a vocational school. She and Kaiea will aid local teams learn new methods for building the school and residential buildings planned for Hope Village. Before take off, both Ly-Au Young’s were able to fundraise and purchase educational and […]

Gladys’ take on What Architects Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Myra Lara
Categories: Adaptive Reuse, Theory & Practice

As COP21 is underway in Paris, Curbed asked various architects on how the profession, practice, and discipline can help to fight climate change. You can read the whole article here. Gladys’s extended features is below. Borrowing from Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse”, the four stages of collapse due to climate change can be represented as followed: […]

Kingsgate Library Construction Update!

Myra Lara
Categories: Construction Updates, Kingsgate Library

View into the new and improved meeting room – full height and clerestory windows bring in a lot more light than before! All existing windows will be enlarged along the perimeter to bring in more light. A ceiling is added in the existing, double-height volume to not only house all the new mechanical systems the […]

Westside School – little details

Myra Lara
Categories: Project Updates, Westside School

Little details for little humans. Remember those Glulam arches we salvaged? Here they are as benches for the kiddos to wait for their parents! A warm and comfortable reading nook under the stairs. I’m sure this will go well with them… An undulating wall separating the lobby from the school wing without sacrificing daylight and […]